The Straits Times: Championing Stronger Partnerships

Oct 13, 2016

ST Engineering has been awarded the Distinguished Winner of this year's Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) Collaborative Partnership Award, aimed to recognize industry leaders who have fostered close partnerships with their supply chain companies. TeLEOS-1 is the first made in Singapore satellite developed by ST Engineering, launched in 2015 to coincide with the SG50 celebrations. The launch of TeLEOS-1 was the fruit of a successful collaboration between ST Engineering and eight local companies, including Wizlogix Pte Ltd for its digital electronics PCB layout. 

Prior to working with ST Electronics, collaborative partners for this project did not have experience in space engineering, due to the lack of stringent environment and engineering requirements and aerospace standards. In addition to raising awareness and assessing partner capabilities, there were constant communications between all parties to align project requirements and expectations. 

Through this experience, Wizlogix managed to gain experience to advance further in space engineering and manufacturing. The collaboration also managed to raise the company's profile and created opportunities for the company to expand beyond Singapore. The collaborative partnership created a holistic ecosystem for the advancement of the local engineering industry. 

As Wizlogix sets its eye on larger space and satellite projects globally, it achieved the AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 certification in 2016. 

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