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We offer a full spectrum of PCB services from Design and Prototype to Production and Support Present your electronic device idea and we will support it from conception to completion. Work with our PCB Design Engineers as they begin with schematics design, placement, routing to Gerber checking. The Technical Sales Engineers will provide you with a solution for fabrication, components kitting and assembly. Experience this one-stop PCB solution with our industry certified partners with various production capabilities.

Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure outstanding solutions. Annual factory audits and ISO Certification for our partner vendors and suppliers guarantee the quality adherence processes at every stage.


It was a success for Wizlogix to organize the training in RF and High Speed Board Design: Fundamentals and Practice with Dr Malcolm Smith for six local professionals on 17 to 19 Feb 2020.

Dr Malcolm has introduced the techniques needed for RF and high-speed digital board design during this 3-day training. He as well shared his knowledge of RF fundamentals which helped participants to develop an understanding of both the components attached to the board and the interconnection between them. It is necessary to have thought through potential issues before embarking on the design and to have the right access on the board to debug such issues. Through hands-on lab sessions, participants were as well able to review and undertake stages of a successful board design and successful board bring-up.


For more information about our courses, please visit http://www.wizlogix.com/events/type/list/view/all
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