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We were honoured to have partnered up with both IPC Southeast Asia Designers Council (Singapore Chapter) and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) to hold a talk on the afternoon of 20th September 2019 at Red Dot Enterprise Singapore.

The focus of the event was having Ms Cheah Soo Lan, the speaker, to share her knowledge in PCB design with coverage about IPC guidelines, including pitfalls to avoid and some industry best practices. Moreover, she as well highlighted the latest technology updates that are related to the electronic industry as well as IPC. The event was attended by a crowd of more than 70 participants and ended with an engaging networking session among professionals from the industry.


Partnering up alongside IPC Southeast Asia Designers Council (Singapore Chapter), a total of 11 participants were hosted for the Robotics Research Centre Visit located in Nanyang Technological University, showcasing the various integrations of Robotics discovered today. Robotics as of today have played a big part in industries and certain lifestyles as well, promoting productivity to economic growths, ensuring sustainability or even complex urban environments while maintaining safety and security worldwide. Together in line with Singapore’s Vision to build the world’s first smart nation by harnessing technology to the fullest, no doubt that Robotics and Intelligent Machines may revolutionize our standards of living in the future.


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